Founded in 1981, originally named as Julie's Employment Agency, joined Centaline Group as a subsidiary under Centaline Holdings Ltd. in 1994 and renamed as Centaline Julie's Personnel Consultants Ltd. With strong financial and resources support, Centaline Julie's Personnel Consultants Ltd. has developed her China business arm to provide services for recruiting middle to senior level candidates, serving multinational and local companies in the Greater China region since 1998. After joining the Centaline Group for 10 years and coping with business development, our company renamed as CENTALINE HUMAN RESOURCES CONSULTANTS LTD. in 2004.
Centaline Human Resources Consultants Ltd. has established a reputation for timely results, professionalism and confidentiality. Currently has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangzhou in China, and plans to have further expansion to other cities in China such as Beijing, Suzhou, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Chengdu, etc. in the next few years. Besides, solid network with professional affiliate companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Canada and U.S. can help to meet the clients' needs worldwide.
Our team of consultants comprises people who bring industry knowledge and experience through years of career development in their respective fields, as well as people who have developed their contacts and experience directly from recruitment or executive search background. With industry and product knowledge and a thorough understanding of the search and selection process, our consultants can effectively and efficiently evaluate and recruit the best candidates for our clients in a timely and professional manner.
With our great effort and our long history in the industry, we have successfully built up a huge database, which is one of our solid, though not the only sources of candidates. This really can help us to get access to potential candidates who are not actively looking for opportunities in the market but would consider if good opportunities or match is possible.

Ms. Alexa Chow has over 10 years of experience in professional recruitment and consultancy services. She is the Managing Director of Centaline Human Resources Consultants Limited (formerly known as Centaline Julie's Personnel Consultants Ltd.), which is one of the leading and oldest personnel agencies in Hong Kong.

Apart from the recruitment business, she is also actively involved in the career development service to the corporate clients, and has delivered different workshops such as Strategic Human Resources Management Workshop, Amendment of Current Labour Law Seminar to different executives. She has been requested by many organizations, local and PRC newspapers, radio and TV broadcast stations to provide professional comment regarding market trends and human resources management issues.

Alexa obtained her Master degree in Business Administration in San Diego, USA. She belongs to a number of professional bodies including Member of Institute of Human Resources Management, Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, and the Institute of Chartered Arbitrators.

In addition, Alexa is actively involved in the community services. She is the Vice President of the Association of Hong Kong Personnel Agencies since 1998, the Committee Member of Employment Services under HKSAR Labour Advisory Board from 1999 to present, and the Committee Member of the SAR Appeal Panel (Housing) since this year.